Start Saving Now With A Disney Visa Card

If you are seriously thinking about planning a Disney vacation in the future and are already are we going to pay for this, you may want to consider getting a Disney Visa Card.

First of all you will get a percentage of your purchases back as Disney Reward Dollars. These can be used as money in Disney or to pay for your trip. We used this as our primary card for a year before our trip. By the time our balance was due for our trip (45 days before the start of your trip) I had $900 in Disney Rewards to take off my trip. That kept my trip for 5 to the Wilderness Lodge with the dining plan within my budget.

There is a little trick to redeeming your rewards. The rewards don't expire for several years as long as you leave them on your credit card. When you are ready to redeem them you can call or go online and request a rewards card. You tell them how many of your rewards you want transferred to your card. You have to plan ahead for this a little because it takes a few weeks to come. When it arrives it is like a gift card with the rewards on it that you have transferred, but please note the rewards now have an expiration date. There will be a date on the rewards card (you can ask what the date will be when you request your card). Any rewards left on the card on that date will expire. You do not want to request a card until you are ready to use your rewards. If you want to use your rewards to help pay for your trip be sure to request the card at least few weeks before your balance is due for your trip. After your rewards card arrives call 407-W-Disney, tell them you want to make a payment, tell them you want to use your rewards card (not the disney visa credit card) and they will ask for the number, confirm the amount and apply it toward your balance. You can pay the remaining amount of your trip with your Disney Visa credit card or another payment method. Keep your rewards card. Sometime right before you leave for your trip (even while you are in Disney) you can call and request any new Disney rewards that have accumulated on your visa card be transfered to your rewards card. You can use these rewards on anything in Disney from a snack cart, tips for your table service meals, sourveneirs, or anything else you want in Disney. Just be sure to spend them all before you leave because once they are on the card they will expire. I'm sure that won't be too hard to do. You can use the rewards at the Disney Store also.

Another benefit to the Disney Visa Credit Card is 0% interest on your Disney trip. If you charge your Disney trip to your card then you don't have to pay any interest on it for 6 months. When making a new reservation you are required to put a $200 refundable deposit per room. The remainder of your balance is due 45 day before your trip begins. That can give you lots of time to pay off your Disney trip. You will have from the time you decide on the budget for your trip, book it, and then another 4 1/2 months after your trip to have all the money saved.

A third benefit to the Disney Visa Card is special booking promotions. You will have the first opportunity to book trips with free dining and other savings just for Disney Visa cardholders.

There are lots of other benefits and discounts and you can see them all on their website. The three I mentioned are the ones most closely related to paying for your trip.

 You can apply by phone by calling 1-800-943-8319 or online. Ask if they are offering refer-a-friend and give them ID # 10325908. They will give you a bonus $25 dollars or more to start your account or mention code CTXL and you can get a $15 gift card after first use. The promotions are always changing so be sure to ask for the current promotion if these don't work.

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