Your favorite memory.

I know some of you just got back from a Disney trip. Share something special that happened that you will remember forever. Something your child said or a special interaction with a character.

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Jen Lebo said...

Yay! I'm the first to comment! Didn't realize you were such a Disney pro! I'm jealous! We took our kids last year when I was pregnant with our 3rd and watching them enjoy it was so amazing. One regret- not enough time. We went with someone who was ready to leave the minute we got there and it "rushed" us (plus we did it as a one day stop on our way to grandparents'). I wish we had had more time for the kids to enjoy it! But my favorite memory of that day was my oldest going on Splash Mountain again and again- he loved every second, but his face on that final fall was hilarious to watch (from the sidelines- I was not allowed on any rides because of my "condition"- another mistake- don't go when you're pregnant!).
Yay for your blog! :)

Matt Getflix said...

I would have to divide it into two own childhood memories and those as a the first category it is when Mom and Dad finally let Mark and I run free...we were 10 and 12 and they let us embark on a day long resort hop...hit the game room in contemporary and watched a a parent, two greatest memories...Andrew at the Boneyard in Animal Kingdom and David on Space Mountain....

Anonymous said...

We were there with our family last year, children ages 3 and 5. The most magical thing was seeing their faces and expressions while watching the amazing fireworks display and my 5 yr old daughter turning to look at us and say, "I don't ever wanna leave". Absolutely brought tears to my eyes.
We are going again this year and leave on Mother's Day. Can't wait!!!

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