Autograph Books And More

When people go to Disney, especially with children, they usual plan on getting an autograph book, but there are a lot of other options. Let me tell you about some of them.

You can purchase the standard autograph books at the park when you get there. Disney now sells them online (along with mickey ears, clothing, and more that used to only be available in the parks). You can order through this link.

565x90 Disney Parks Store

There are lots of other options also. One year we made our own books. All you have to do is use card stock and take it to staples or another office supply store and they can bind it for you for a few dollars. I had them put a clear plastic cover and a leather backing. I made them 5x8. You can make them any size you want. You can put pictures on the pages if you want using free clip art. I would put pictures of the characters we were going to see and then some extra blank pages. My kids got a lot of attention for this. They also knew who we would see and were excited to find the characters page and fill in all the spots.  I also made a nice cover page with my child's name. I figured it would help us find it if it got lost while we were there. If you make it 5x8 or bigger you can put the pictures of your child with the characters on the opposite page of the signature if you want. Creative memories makes a small album with mickey on the cover if you are into scrap booking. You can ask the character to sign on the bottom of the page and that will leave enough room to put a photo above the signature.

If you have already done the autograph books or are not into that you may want to bring a t-shirt, baseball hat, or pillowcase and have it autographed. They can autograph almost anything. What would make a good keepsake for you or your children?

You can also do a frame matting. There are some that are made to be autographed and you can find them at a craft store. It may be 11x13 or 8x10 matting with only a 4x6 spot for a picture. That give you lots of room to have autographs. This is a great idea for honeymooners or older kids. Then when you get home you can put a special picture from the trip in your customized frame. If you can't find the matting you want you could just use a piece of card stock cut into an 8x10 size and then cut out the 4x6 opening for the picture.

You don't have to carry around your autograph books all the time either. Especially if you have a matting you want signed. Just bring it to the character meals you have planned or on the day you are planning to meet with a certain character.

Lastly, consider bringing your own pen or marker, especially if you are having something autographed that you want to wash. You can bring a fine point or medium sharpie marker in whatever color(s) you want. There is no guarentee that a pen is handy so it is nice to have your own.

If you have done something different and creative with signature please share it here. I'm always intersted in new idea.

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