Pixie Hollow in the Magic Kingdom

Where can you go to meet Tinker Bell and all her friends? Pixie Hollow of course. It is located in the back of the Magic Kingdom in Mickey's Toontown Fair.

There are two ways to get back there. You can walk down Main Street toward the castle. Go through the castle and head toward the right. The entrance to Mickey's Toontown Fair is on the left behind the Mad Tea Party. Once you are in Mickey's Toontown Fair the County Bounty Shop will be on your left. The other way is to board the train. You can board it on Main Street or in Frontierland. Get off the train in Mickey's Toontown Fair. Follow the path past Mickey's Country House and County Bounty will be on your right. Once inside the County Bounty Shop you will find the Hall of Fame lines on your right. Get in line for Pixie Hollow.

When you get to the front of the line a CM will take a few groups down a hall. This is a magical hall because, after all, pixies are very tiny. This hall will shrink you down to the perfect size to see the pixies. You will notice that everything gets bigger and bigger as you go down the hall. When you are the right size a CM will take one family at a time into Pixie Hollow.

While inside you can use your camera/video camera or photopass to capture the memories. There is usually a different mix of fairies in Pixie Hollow. It will be some assemblance of
Tinker Bell, a pots and kettles fairy
Fawn, an animal fairy
Iridessa, a light fairy
Rosetta, a garden fairy
Silvermist, a water fairy
Terence (from Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure)

There are usually 4 fairies there including Tinker Bell.

We have had wonderful experiences with the fairies. Even though you are not the only family in Pixie Hollow they only invite one family in at a time. It is a nice, relaxed and personal visit with each of the fairies. This is a great chance to use your video camera. Tinker Bell was playing "fly and go seek" with my daughter and discussing her talents. Very Cute!!

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