Quick Service Restaurants in EPCOT

Here are the QS for Epcot. You can also check out the QS for MKHollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom

Future World East
Electric Umbrella -  Innoventions East - Burgers, ww vegetable wrap, grilled chicken, and chicken nuggets

Future World West
Sunshine Season - The Land - This is the only QS place that serves breakfast. It is like a food court with one final place to pay. There are both made-to-order and already prepared options. Lots of healthy options including, salads, soups, fresh sandwiches, sushi, rotisserie chicken, beef, salmon, and stir fry. I love to get something here. There is also a children's area with mac n cheese, chicken legs, and other kids foods. 

World Showcase (Clockwise from Mexico to Canada)
Norway - Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe - Chicken salad, egg, roast beef, and open face sandwiches served with or without soup. PBJ for the kids. Lots of great coffee drinks and some nice sweet treats.
China - Lotus Blossom Cafe - Pot stickers, egg rolls, orange chicken, beef noodle soup bowl, shrimp fried rice, vegetarian stir fry, mongolian beef, sesame chicken salad. Delicious fresh brewed iced tea here.

Germany - Sommerfest - Bratwurst, hot dogs and delicious desserts like apple struedel, black forest cake, and cheesecake. This is at a stand on the lagoon side across from Germany. 
American Adventure - Liberty Inn - Burgers, hot dogs, salads, chicken, BBQ pork, vegetarian wrap and burger. 
Morocco - Tangierine Cafe - Mediteranean chicken, lamb or tabouleh wraps, Shawarma chicken and lamb platters, and vegetarian platter. Chicken tenders, hamburgers, and pizza for kids.
United Kingdom - Yorkshire County Fish ShopFish and Chips


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