Using Disney's Fastpass

Fastpass is a great way to see lots of attractions in Disney World without having to wait in a long line. It is not available at every ride though. Here is how it works.

First of all, fastpass is FREE. It does not cost anything additional and is available to all park guests.

Each person needs their own fastpass to get on the attraction including adults and children over 3.

To get a fastpass for an attraction you go to the fastpass distribution point for that ride. Usually its to the side of the entrance of the ride. There will be two times show like 2:30 and 3:30. That is the return window you will receive if you get fastpasses now. (Take note of that time window before you get your fastpasses) You need EVERYONES park ticket to get each person their own fastpass. Put each ticket in and a fastpass will come out the bottom of the machine. Keep going until you have fastpasses for your entire group.

Make sure you don't lose your fastpasses. Come back to the attraction during the designated time window and get in the fastpass return line. A cast member will collect your fastpasses and be sure you are getting in line at the correct time.


  • You can send one person to get the fastpasses for the group. Just make sure they have all the tickets. (adults and children over 3)
  • Once you get the fastpass you can't give it back and you cannot get another fastpass for a designated amount of time. It will say on the fastpass when you can get the next one. 
  • Check the return time before you get the fastpass. Make sure it is a time that would work to come back. For Example, don't take a fastpass for 4:30-5:30 if you know you have an ADR for 4:45.
  • Take a look at the standby wait time. Sometimes the standby line may only be 10 min and it makes more sense to just get on that line instead of getting a fastpass and then coming back later.
  • Use the fastpass to ride a ride twice when the standy line is short and the return time is close. You can get the fastpass and then go into the standby line (if its short) and then go on the ride again in the fastpass line during your return window.
  • Every time you get to a fastpass ride you need to check the standby wait time, check the return time for the fastpass, and check the current time...then you can decide what to do. Fastpass isn't always best option.
  • During peak times popular attractions will give out fastpasses for the whole day early in the morning. If you come by that ride at 11am there may not be any fastpasses left.
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