My 5 Day Disney Itinerary - Day 4

It is Day 4 and our last full day in Disney World. It's hard not to be sad at this point but I still want to have a fun day and enjoy every minute. Our plan for today was to head back to the Magic Kingdom and enjoy some things we missed the first day including the parade. We started out with breakfast at the World Premier Food Court but this time my mom went down and brought it back to the room. It was much easier that way. (2 CS and 2 S)

After breakfast we took the bus over to the Magic Kingdom. This time we took the train around to Mickey's Toontown Fair. We went to Minnie's house and then went over to Toontown Hall of Fame. We went into the princess line and waited a little while to finally meet some princesses. We had the opportunity to meet Belle and Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty was missing and they claimed that she was sleeping late. You know how she loves to sleep. I love the Toontown Hall of Fame because after waiting a little while you have a nice opportunity to spend a little time with each character; not to mention you are inside and it's air conditioned.

I have to point out my daughter's obsession with her bathing suit. She carried it almost the whole trip. She loved her Tinkerbell bathing suit and always wanted it with her. I'm surprised she never lost it. Toddlers are so cute sometimes.

After that we went to Fantasyland and went on Dumbo a few times and did the rest of Fantasyland.
By lunchtime we were in Tomorrowland and hit my favorite and best deal for lunch at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. This is a huge restaurant with lots of options. My mom got the ribs and half chicken combo with mashed potatoes and vegetables. We could not believe the size of that meal. It could be enough for two people. I had the pulled pork bbq sandwich. with fries. If you are looking to make your counter service meals stretch, this is the place. Most people can share the combo meals here. They have some things that are a nice change from hamburgers and chicken fingers too. I usually ask for a specialty coffee drink for my dessert instead of the prepackaged chocolate cake. You can pick anything with the snack symbol for dessert. (3 CS)

After lunch we did the Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and The Tomorrowland Transit Authority so that I could feed the baby. After that the kids were tired and I wanted to make sure we didn't miss the parade. We walked around until they fell asleep and then we hung out in the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station while they slept. It is usually closed in September and there are lots of tables in the shade to sit and relax at. I just love picutres of them sleeping.

Around 2:30 we went down to Main Street USA to find a good parade spot. I like to find a spot just down the street from Casey's Corner. You can usually be in the shade on that side of the street and every time the doors to the shops open up you feel the AC coming out. We took turns staying with the stroller and going into the shops while we waited for the parade. If you get hungry or thirsty you can run into Casey's and get something while you wait for the parade. We picked up a few bottles of cold water (3 S) while we were waiting. We had a great spot and were in position when the parade started. The kids woke up a few minutes before the parade started in a good mood. Ashley loved the parade.

After the parade, since we were on the left side of the street, we went back to Adventurland. More Magic Carpets, Jungle Cruise, splashing in the water outside the Magic Carpets, and we ran into Peter Pan.  By the time we were done with all that it was time to head to the Crystal Palace for our 5:35 priority seating.

The Crystal Palace is one of my favorite places to eat with the kids. Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger are so much fun. Every half hour or so they have a parade and the kids can follow them around carrying flags. It gives the kids a chance to get out of their seats and move around too. Lots of fun for everyone. We got some great pictures with the characters and enjoyed the salad bar with shrimp cocktail, the fresh fish, delicious vegetables and most of all the prime rib.

As you can see in this picture they have great infant seats for smaller children. Make sure to include your baby on your priority seating and mention that you need an infant seat.  I kept a few light recieving blankets with me to put under the baby and on top since the air conditioning can get cold for a small baby trying to sleep, especially if they are under a vent.

After dinner we went on some more rides and then it was almost time for the fireworks. We saw the fireworks just before we left the park and went back to our resort.
When we arrived in our room there was a surprise. Remember the ballon I left in the closet at Animal Kingdom Lodge during our dinner at Boma? Well, it was in our room. I don't know if it was the same one or a new one but I appreciated it. Ashley went down to the pool with my mom for a last evening of playing in the kiddie pool while I packed up. When I was done I went down there. It was almost 10pm by then. I couldn't believe the party that was going on down there. Lots of kids playing and splashing away. She had a great time but it was quickly coming to an end. Time to go to bed. We have an early flight in the morning.
Only 1 snack remains.

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