Walt Disney World 2010???

So, I wasn't planning on going back to Disney for a couple years because we want to see other things and have limited funds to do so. Anyway, here I am thinking about going back this fall. It is just so hard to stay away. I am considering taking my two older children who are 5 and 3 and leaving the 1 year old home. I may go with a friend who also has two kids around the same ages as my kids. We are thinking of staying 3 or 4 nights and doing a day or two at the Magic Kingdom. I thought I would take you along for the ride as I decided if we are going to be able to do it or not.

Step one is talk to my husband. He said it was fine with him as long as I can come up with the money. Not an easy task for a stay at home mom that doesn't really have a paying job. Getting his permission and blessing is a big step though so at least I have that.

Next I requested a quote for a Disney World Vacation. I am thinking about going down sometime in the fall so I am thinking about getting either the kids stay and play free promotion or the free dining promotion. My travel agent was kind enough to give me quotes for both packages at  Disney's Pop Century Resort. The Disney prices aren't that bad and my travel agent will make sure I get the lowest price possible.

Airfare is going to be difficult though. I need 3 tickets and I don't know what kind of deal I can get for that.

The search will continue for low airfare and ways to save some money. I'll keep you posted on our trip to Walt Disney World and if we can make it a reality. Check back for updates.

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