Preparing to Come Home

Coming to the end of your Disney vacation or any trip is sad. To make it worse you have to go home and UNPACK!!! I have seriously considered leaving most of our clothes behind and just getting new when we get home. I HATE unpacking. I do have some tips to make it a little easier though.

On the last night of our vacation I usually send my husband and kids down to the pool to get them out of the room. I get a nice drink or a cup of tea and get to work. I pack very differently than when I packed to go on vacation.

Suitcase one is dirty clothes. I put all our dirty clothes in one bag. That way when we get home I can take that one right to the laundry room and its "unpacked". Depending on your length of stay and number of people this may be 2 bags but make sure to dedicate them just to dirty laundry.

In the second suitcase I pack all the clean clothes. Things get very disorganized while we are on vacation so I go person by person and organize and fold all their clothing. This way everything is clean, folded and organized by person to be put away quickly. When I get home I can grab each person's stack and put it in their room.

I keep all the toilletries together and shoes together. If I have a few things that don't fit into those categories I keep things in the shoe bag that belong downstairs and things that go upstairs go in the toiletries bag. That way I don't have to run all over when I get home to put things away.

I lay everything out for bed and then the next morning. After I'm all done I usually have a little bit of time to relax alone. On our last trip I watched the MK fireworks from our balcony at Wilderness Lodge.

When the kids get back from the pool I bathe them, put their pajamas on and hang their wet things. In the morning its just a few last minute toiletries and the dirty laundry to put in the appropriate bags and we are ready to go.

When we get home all the suitcases go to their assigned location and its pretty easy to get things put away and laundered. If I'm lucky the airline will lose my dirty clothes bag.  :P

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