Why I love going to Disney

We all know that I love going to Disney. You may love it too and that's why you follow my blog. Maybe you are lucky enough to be in the planning stages of your very first trip to Disney and are wondering why people who have been want to go back again and again. Here is why I love Disney.

1. Its Magical - I don't know how else to describe it but as soon as I see the castle or the Epcot ball  (does it have a name?) or a Magical Express bus, or a monorail I just fill up with joy. It is just a magical place full of excitement and fun.

2. Seeing my children enjoy it - Any place my children can have a blast is a fun place for me. I love to see them get excited and have fun. When they go on rides like Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin or Peter Pan and they see the characters from their favorite movies they just light up. Even the rides without familiar characters like Jungle Cruise or Its a Small World just bring them such joy. It is all so real to them and they are so excited to be a part of it.

3.The cleanliness of the parks -  There are lots of amusement parks out there but not many are kept as clean as Disney. Within minutes of a parade passing the streets are cleaned up and it looks like it was never there. Walt Disney made sure there were enough garabage cans around and bubble gum wasn't sold to help keep the park looking clean. There are even lots of rules for the castmembers reguarding their hair, makeup, and jewelery to keep that Disney look.

4. Child friendly - Not all amusement parks are as child friendly as Disney. I'm talking about toddlers and infants in particular. A lot of amusement parks are geared more at the teenage scene. Not that teenagers wouldn't have fun at Disney but I have always felt right at home with my little ones. The nursing rooms, infant high chairs, and atmosphere has always felt welcoming to me.

5. Fantastic food - The food throughout the parks and resorts are both exciting and delicous for adults and child friendly. There is quite an array of fine dining experiences. Epcot alone has enough variety to keep you happy for months. When  you add in the resorts and the character dining experiences you have the best collection of restaurants of any vacation destination. You can have prime rib while your children are having Mickey macaroni and cheese and visiting with characters. Where else can you do that? If you don't have children with you, you will still find so many first class dining experiences that are adult friendly. The quick service restaurants don't disappoint either. Although they carry your typical cheeseburgers and chicken fingers they usually have a unique salad option or a vegetarian option that is fresh and delicious. Wilderness Lodge had an awesome salad with apples, candied walnuts, cheddar cheese (I asked for crumbled blue cheese instead) and grilled chicken tossed with an apple vinaigrette. They tossed it fresh right in front of you and you can ask for less dressing or switch out ingredients. Delicious! I could go on and on about food but I'll move on.

6. Service - Disney understands quality service. They will do anything they can to make you happy. They want your vacation to be magical and will do what they can to make it happen. I always feel like an important guest whether I am staying at  the Yacht and Beach Club or Pop Century. The cast members will answer your questions and help you in any way they can. If you have a food allergy or need special assistance then you will not be disappointed at Disney. I have a friend with Celiac Disease (an allergy to gluten)  and at every table service restaurant the chef would come out and speak to her. He would tell her what she could have and offered to make some things up special for her if she wanted them (Shrimp with garlic butter since the one on the menu contained gluten).

7. Fireworks - Every night there are amazing fireworks displays. They are some of the best I've ever seen. I even enjoyed them from the balcony of our room at Wilderness Lodge. They were partially blocked by the trees but to sit there, relax, and see the fireworks was priceless.

8. Stage Shows - The live stage shows are like mini broadway productions. I have been to many Broadway shows and I'm never dissapointed by a show at Disney. The quality of the actors and their talents are amazing.

9. Transportation - I love that I don't have to worry about anything after I get off the plane. I don't have to rent a car, look at a map, drive, get lost, or anything. Disney takes care of everything. The buses, boats, and monorails are easier for me then putting the kids in car seats, remembering where I parked the car, and driving around. I can't say the the Disney transportation is without fault. It can take a while to get from here to there and sometimes you can't go direct but I would rather put someone else in charge of the driving and cuddle with my kids and plan out our next adventure.

10. The characters - Where else can Tinker Bell ask you,  "What is your talent" or play "Fly and Go seek" with your child. My daughter still talks about how she is a fast flier like Vidia but much nicer since that is what Tinker Bell told her. We all have fun with the characters, especially at character meals, when we can talk to them. I love how they stay in character the whole time so it is really like talking to Belle or Cinderella.

11. Feeling like a kid - It does matter if your 8 months, 8, or 80. When you go to Disney you feel like a child again. I have fun getting a picture with Mickey just like my kids do. It can be rejuvenating to find your inner child.

12. Tradition - For me it is tradition. We drove down every year when I was a child and I have so many familiar family memories there. Going to Disney is like going to visit grandma. You feel warm, have fun, and remember when you were there as a child.

A Disney trip has never disappointed me and within a few months of coming home I am already itching to get back. I don't think I'll get down there this fall but I will be back and I can't wait. What about you. Why do you keep going back?

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