Safe Travel Tips

Traveling to a crowded attractions with your children can be scary at times. We always worry about their safety. What would happen if we were separated? Here are some ideas to help you when your traveling with your kids in Disney or any local activity.

Dress the Same: Try to dress your kids in matching outfits or at least the same color shirt. It can make it easier to spot your kids in a crowd. It also may help others to recognize who your child belongs to if they start to wander off.

Take Their Picture: Every morning of your trip take your child's picture. In the unlikely even that they get lost it will be much easier to give a cast member (Disney employee) a description of what your child looks like and what they are wearing. Now you won't have to rely on your memory when you might not be able to think clearly.

Make a Badge: Make a badge your child can wear or attach to their clothing. Include some important info such as your child's first name or initials, your cell phone number and maybe your resort. You can use a luggage tag or just print something on card stock from your computer and laminate it. They can wear it as a necklace or put in on a belt loop. My kids have one that says ... My name is Jane. If I'm lost call my mom at 555-555-5555 or my dad at 555-555-5555.

Where a Wristband: Check out this post for more info here

Multiple exits: Be aware that some bathrooms and rides may have multiple exits or the exit may be far from the entrance of a ride. Be sure you know where the exits are so that you don't end up in two different places.

Post a comment with any ideas you may have.

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