Travel Wristbands

One of my big fears when going to Disney or any crowded place is losing one of my kids. I have been looking for something to help identify my kids in case they get lost. I love the wristbands on this site and I am ordering them for my next trip. (put "Travel Wristbands" in the search for products line on the top left)Your child wears the wrist band and it says, if I am lost to look inside. Inside you can put your cell phone number or other helpful information. Now all your child has to do is show someone their wristband and they can get back to you safely and quickly. This is great for any group situation like theme parks, museums, zoos, the beach and more. The bands are water proof. They are $9.99 for a pack of 10. There are lots of other great safety products too like tatoos. Check it out at My Precious Kid - Child Safety & Baby Gear Store

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Anonymous said...

That looks awesome!! I will have to order some.

travel man said...

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Walter Knauf said...

Whoa! That's one amazing travel wristband. But you're right, this is convenient for parents if their children are lost somewhere, since it will be easier to find them with this.

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