Renting Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECVs) in Disney

The need for ECVs in Disney is not just for those with disabilites. They are necessary for many others to get around since there is so much walking involved. I have a friend who is expecting a child and plans to use an ECV while in Disney to take some of the burden off her feet. She asked for some info so I though I would share what I found out with everyone.

There are several options for rentals.

In the parks - You can rent from the park itself but these ECVs can't leave the park you rented them in. There are a limited number and they cannot be reserved ahead. Everything I read seems to say they can sell out early. They do have regular wheel chairs as well if you have someone to push you. If you rent one for the day in one park and then leave to go to another park you have to turn in the ECV but save your receipt because you can get another one on the same day (if available) at the other park for no additional charge. Same thing with strollers.

Rent from Disney's Boardwalk Resort - This is handled by Buena Vista Scooters and can be reserved in advance. Visit or call 407-938-0349. These scooters can be taken anywhere.

Rent from an independent company - The three I have read about from Birnbaum Guides Walt Disney World are LifeAire (800-417-9496), ScootAround (888-441-7575) and Walker Mobility (888-726-6837). They should be able to deliever your ECV to your hotel for free or a small charge.

I have not used any of these companies and  have not had any personal experience with them. I am just sharing the information I have found with you. Please let me know how it goes if you use any of these. Other than in the theme parks these companies are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company.

Once you have a chair it can be accomodated on Disney buses, monorail, and some boats.

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