'Ohana at the Polynesian Resort (Dinner)

'Ohana is one of the places we usually fit into every Disney trip and so do many others I know. It is located on the second floor of the Great Ceremonial House at the Polynesian Resort. If you come by monorail via the MK (the fastest way to get there) you will come into the Great Ceremonial House on the second floor and find the restaurant directly across the building on the left.

There are so many reasons to love 'Ohana. First of all 'Ohana means family in Hawaiian and that isn't lost in this family friendly restaurant. Everyone there will greet you with the welcome of family.

Dinner is served from 5pm-10pm most of the time. The meal is served family style at your table and is all you care to eat. You will start with a salad with honey-lime dressing, coriander chicken wings, and pork fried dumpling. Don't fill up on these delicious starters though. When you are ready they will bring you vegetables (broccoli and peas), Thai  noodles and three sauces including peanut, chimichurri and sweet-and-sour. They will bring around the main course on skewers that were cooked over an oak fire. The meats include sirloin steak, pork loin, grilled turkey, and shrimp (not peeled). They will continue to come around with the meat and refills of anything else you want until you are finished. Be warned, don't over do it,  there is a delicious dessert to follow. The 'Ohana bread pudding a la mode with banana foster sauce is not to be missed. Leave room for dessert. The meal includes soda, milk, juice, coffee and tea. Children can eat from the regular meal or can get chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese,  PBJ, cheeseburgers, or hamburgers. These are served with french fries. This meal is one table service credit on the meal plan or $30.00 for adults and $14.99 for children. Don't forget that tips are not included on the meal plan so you will need to pay for that separate plus any alcoholic beverages you order.

If you are looking for a quiet, romantic atmosphere then you should head over to the Grand Floridian. This restaurants is loud and fun. During your meal you may encounter a few activities for the kids. They often have a ukulele player, hula hooping, a parade with maracas, limbo and coconut races. My kids had a great time. My husband and I took turns going with them so the other could enjoy some food. The waiter made sure I had some fresh from the grill food when I came back too. The kids could go by themselves since you can see them but I wasn't too comfortable with that since my kids were 4 and 2.

The Polynesian is a beautiful resort too. The Great Ceremonial House has lots of foliage and a beautiful waterfall. You must make ADR's for 'Ohana but if you get there early or take the kids for a walk while others eat you can go down to the first floor. In the lobby by the entrance is a small tv and chairs playing Disney cartoons. We found leis there for the kids too. There are a few gifts shops (on both the 1st and 2nd floor) that can be fun to look at too.

If you took the monorail to get there (fastest way from MK) then you might consider taking a leiserly boat ride back. Go out of the Great Ceremonial House out toward the lake. Take the boat launch back to MK. It is a nice ride. If it is around the time of Wishes (fireworks) in the MK then you will be able to see them from the beach at the Polynesian or on the boat itself. This is a smaller boat launch and you will need to fold up strollers.

Please leave comments to let me know if you have eaten at 'Ohana and what your experience was.

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