Main Street Ballons

I have so many amazing memories of going to Disney in every stage of life. When I was little we went every year and stayed at Fort Wilderness in our camper. One of the things I always wanted was a balloon from Main Street, USA. My dad was on the cheap side and never wanted to spend money on something that would be no good in the morning. My mom and big brothers had a softer heart though (especially for the only girl). I loved getting one of those balloons.

Now when I take my children to Disney it is a given that we get each of them a balloon our first day in the Magic Kingdom. I get one of the mylar ones that last the whole week. It makes it a little easier to spot my stroller in the stroller parking too. My husband doesn't understand my obsession with that tradition but it makes perfect sense to me.

Don't bring your balloons to the Animal Kingdom or Animal Kingdom Lodge. They don't allow them there because of the animals. A few years ago we went to Boma at the AKL for dinner and brought our balloon with us. They told it they had to hold it for us during dinner and would give it back when we were done. Well, I completely forgot about the balloon when it was time to leave and left the balloon in the closet at Boma. The next day there was a new balloon in our room. Thanks Mickey!!

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Laurie Giametta said...

I completely understand the Balloon obsession and we do the EXACT same thing! For all of the points you listed above...especially spotting the stroller amongst the sea of strollers!! good post and glad to see I'm not alone! ;)

Matt said...

One of Disney Diva's brothers here...yes...we did make sure the Disney Diva had a balloon and if memory serves me right, we also ensured she left the Magic Kingdom with a Mouseketeer Hat! Great memories!

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